SAMARATRANSNEFT-TERMINAL LLC is a successfully developing company in the Russian oil refining market. 

Main production assets

Oil Refinery Plant is located in Volzhsky district of Samara region, 2.3 km east of the village of Nikolaevka.

The 1st technological line was put into commercial operation in 2014 according to the technological scheme of the fuel option.

During the construction, the latest solutions were used that meet the stringent requirements of technological and environmental safety.

Selection of location for construction of plant was due to the proximity to two main oil pipelines of PJSC "Transneft" and the product pipeline of JSC "AK" Transnefteprodukt". In addition, the refinery is located next to the section of the Kuybyshevskaya railway "Bezenchuk-Kinel", which allowed "SAMARATRANSNEFT-TERMINAL" within the framework of the technical specifications issued by JSC "Russian Railways", to build its own railway station "Nikolaevka", which is used exclusively for the needs of fast-growing refinery. Developed network of nearby federal and regional highways (Federal highway M-5 Ural, regional roads Samara-Neftegorsk, Samara-Chernovsky) will allow us to conveniently build a logistics chain of cargo transportation of oil and oil products.

Currently, SAMARATRANSNEFT-TERMINAL LLC is implementing the construction of the 2nd and 3rd technological stages of the refinery development. After their commissioning, the total capacity of primary processing of hydrocarbon raw materials will increase to 4 million tons per year. Until 2019, it is planned to introduce secondary processing, which will allow the production of Euro-4 and Euro-5.

Oil loading terminal (oils discharge and compounding unit) is located in close proximity to the oil refinery. This is a complex of technological facilities for receiving oil raw materials of various composition from oil producing companies. Petroleum products are delivered by road from the regions of Samara region, the south of Ulyanovsk region and the north of Orenburg region for subsequent delivery to the system of trunk oil pipelines of PJSC "Transneft".

Capacity of the complex for receiving hydrocarbons is 1 million tons of oil per year.

Social responsibility

SAMARATRANSNEFT-TERMINAL LLC is the responsible employer creating new jobs and observing the provisions of labor legislation. The plant provides decent working conditions for its employees and provides all opportunities for their professional development and career growth. The agreement is concluded between the plant, regional administration and the Employment Service on the allocation of workplaces for the employment of socially unprotected categories of workers in Samara region. The plant implements a number of programs for its employees on non-state pension provision, free meals at the enterprise.

This, in its turn, motivates the team of employees to increase the competitiveness of production for increasing the efficiency, technical level, reliability and safety of equipment, implementing the most efficient technological processes and making optimal technical decisions.

In harmony with the environment

Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources are the main priorities of the company.

The industrial and domestic effluent of the plant and the oil terminal undergoes a full cycle of deep purification at treatment facilities, including blocks for mechanical, physicochemical and biological treatment.

Up-to-date system of local monitoring has been introduced, which provides for permanent control over discharges into the atmosphere and open water bodies with subsequent analysis of the state of the air and water basins.

The depth of industrial sewage treatment of the plant satisfies the existing stringent environmental requirements.

SAMARATRANSNEFT-TERMINAL LLC is open for constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation, implementation of innovative projects for the production of demanded and competitive products.

Having reached the European level of production, the company continues a steady course of expansion in all spheres of its activity, responding to world trends, the needs of domestic and foreign consumers.

Postal address:

Chapaevskaya Str., bld. 138A, Samara, 443010

Telephone: 8 (846) 332-81-45, 8 (846) 332-20-00


INN / KPP: 6316053970 / 631601001

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