One of the most important assets for our Company is employees!

HR Policy of all companies belonging to "PetroNeft" Group of Companies is built on the principles of social partnership.

Employees are the most important asset, therefore РК, social and corporate policies are aimed at providing the most comfortable and safe working conditions.

Employment in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation: honest work experience, "white" salary, paid sick leave, annual paid leave, decent salary level, social benefits such as corporate transport, communication and free meals at the enterprise are guaranteed for our employees.

The management of the Company highly appreciates the professionalism of its employees, as they make a decisive contribution to the efficiency of the entire oil refinery complex and other production facilities.

The employees are provided with all the conditions for personal and professional growth.

But the professional requirements are very high.

High-tech production requires special behavior. Therefore, an important priority in the Company's corporate policy is training and skills development.

The company provides the opportunity to pass practical training in the departments for the best students of specialized educational institutions, which gives them a real chance to become popular with specialists of the oil refining industry.

In the near future - conclusion of contracts with specialized educational institutions of the region to establish an effective system of recruiting excellent specialists at the stage of their training.

Evidence of the success of the principles of the Company's corporate policy are statistical data. To date, there are practically no vacancies at the enterprises, and the average "turnover" of the staff does not exceed one percent.