The requirements of environmental safety in up-to-date high-tech world are changing not just quickly, but rapidly.

"PetroNeft" Group of Companies consistently and purposefully conducts an environmental policy capable of immediately responding to any changes in environmental safety requirements.

We are aware of the high degree of environmental responsibility of the oil refining industry and strive not only to strictly comply with all the requirements of environmental services, but also to prevent any situations related to the threat of ecology.

Projects of sanitary protection zones have been developed at all production facilities of the company, environmental monitoring system has been put in place, including monitoring of the state of groundwater and industrial wastewater, air environment, monitoring of production and resource consumption wastes. 

The main directions of reducing the company's environmental impact: introduction of modern process units, improvement of technological processes, use of modern technologies for cleaning gas emissions and industrial effluents, utilization of industrial waste, production of petroleum products with improved environmental properties.

The company is consistently increasing production capacity, but as a result of the implementation of the items in the environmental protection plan and the Environmental Control Program, with increasing refinery productivity, not an increase but a reduction in emissions of pollutants, which undoubtedly indicates a high efficiency of the company's environmental policy.